Come Pray the Rosary

Please begin by reading the Introductory text or listen to it by clicking the play button on the audio file below. You move onto your chosen Mystery by clicking the relative button at the bottom or by selecting it from the menu.

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Introduction to the Rosary

The Rosary is an invitation from the Holy Spirit to come away from our present-day hectic life style in order to spend some quiet quality time with Our Blessed Mother. This permits her to imprint on our hearts the truth of God’s unimaginable love for us as expressed in the life, mission, death and resurrection of her Son, Jesus.

May we recognise through faith that we are joined to the prayer of Mary. We keep her company as she leads us into the sanctuary of her Son’s Sacred Human Heart where all the Love and the Merits of each mystery are alive and available to us. Mary wants to teach us that the centre of her Rosary is Jesus, whose name was given to her and to us from Heaven. Let us pray this name with deep reverence and respect. The Rosary is not just a prayer TO Mary; it is a reflective prayer IN and WITH Mary who teaches us that her Rosary is, “the Gospel on its knees.”

Our confidence in Mary must not waver. Her prayer added to ours will make our Rosary a joy to Jesus, and through Him to the Father and the Holy Spirit.

We ask our blessed Mother to teach us to pray our Rosary in a truly contemplative way. We trust that she is guiding us. And so we pray each mystery, confident that she will prevail upon the Holy Spirit to teach us Jesus, remind us of Jesus, and lead us into the Mystery of Jesus hidden and at home and loving us in our hearts and asking us to seek Him and to find Him and to love Him hidden in others.

May we remind ourselves that repetition often dulls our consciousness of what we are saying. So, in an effort to bring greater alertness of each mystery into our rosary, we give prayerfull attentiveness to every image with its inspirational thoughts.

Let us now begin the Rosary and pass it through the furnace of Mary's Immaculate Heart coinfident that she will make up for the inadequacy of our prayer, the distractions of our minds and the wanderings of our imagination.